Custom paintwork and airbrushed art for personalised and unique motorcycles, crash helmet, guitars, canvas & more.

Custom paintwork for motorcycles, crash helmets, guitars, canvas and anything else that can be painted are our speciality producing high end personalised artwork finished to show standard. What started as a hobby for this Devon based airbrush artist has grown into a reputation for producing beautiful and unique projects with everything from design to final polish being done by a die hard biker with a maticulous eye for detail.

If you want it painted black with a pin stripe, then you should probably take it elsewhere as they'll knock it out in no time, but if you feel like walking a different path and having something totally unique, then let us know. We'll take our time, do it right and you'll simply love the results.

Anything can be painted - Helmets, Bikes, leather jackets, canvas, even wheelie bins, so why not turn your pride and joy into a unique piece of art that better reflects your personality and turn a few heads at the same time?

The menu across the top of the page will get you round the website quite easily and it's the gallery section that tends to be of most interest. I produce a gallery page for most of my projects which show pictures of the paintwork as it progresses along with a YouTube video link (if I've made a video for it). The gallery will give you an idea of what can be done, layout ideas as well as a sense of what a finished piece looks like, so have a look and let me know what you think.

Regular updates containing photos, videos and status appear on our Facebook page which also tends to be a good way of getting in touch. All the videos also get uploaded to our Youtube Channel. Please feel free to subscribe to them and share if you like what you see.

In the meanwhile, I recently attended a trackday at Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk and had a brilliant day. The video below will give you an idea of what went on and just how much fun was had :-)

Latest update:

PLEASE NOTE: Quick Dry Customs is no longer open for commissions. I now have a proper job and my airbrushing has returned to being just a hobby.

Ross now has his Ducati Scrambler tank and fender back and his bike is getting the final touches done. This ride was themed on Steampunk / Wipeout and looks great!

I'll do a gallery page for the bike once it's all back together. Stay tuned folks !